Back From The Edge

Will Right Be On Our Side ?

Hi and hope your well,
Do you or your advisers know that there is a law on the statute book regarding (Wilful)Psychiatric Injury. I would myself have taken this path if not for the intervention of my GP, who set out in plane terms the consequences of me not being put is the support group. I think but I am not am but not sure that rule 34, In danger of harm to themselves or others can also be used at anytime as a change of circumstances when backed up by medical evidence.
I wish you the very best of luck in your quest for a benefit that you and any other claimant are entitled to morally and in law, whether or not they have contributed or are one of the unlucky group who find themselves disabled from birth, but never the less loved and cherished by family and friends, but tragically not by the state and certainly not by the DWP.
I am of the opinion that this unelected administration, not any form of government I recognise as legitimate, and not a coalition as a coalition shares power equally Is by illogical dogma trying to demonise the sick, the disabled and those in society less able to defend themselves because of lack of education, access to advocates or any other disadvantage.
We just need Smith the denier of benefits to let slip and show his true feelings by saying to his henchmen “Will no one rid me of this scourge of unemployed, sick and crippled creatures”

Tommaz Jay
Once proud, but now as ashamed to be a member of a society that has forgotten how to care.


The Real War

The story of how we lost the Tory war against the underclasses and the undeserving poor has just entered into its latest chapter. Pensioners who were sacrosanct in most civilised countries save for the most evil despot governments are now to be the next tory collateral damage. I wrote a while back that in the sixties through to the seventy’s we had centres that long term unemployed and long-term sick were forced to attend by threat of removal benefit, housing and the ultimate bayonet through the gut; your children being taken forceful from you when your home was repossessed. Theses places were called Government Training Centres and in some but not all had accommodation that was spartan and resembled wooden barracks.

These centres were usually ex military centres miles from any civilisation and the unemployed were forced to undergo training usually on roadwork’s projects. These poor people (men without exception) were indoctrinated into the work hard work ethic. You can now see why I call this “How we lost the war on the underclasses and the undeserving poor”. This is war, and a war that the poorest, oldest and the ill and disabled are dying for in the name of.

How much longer will we stand by and allow this, that used to be the most civilised country in the world to murder innocent people in the name of monetary policies. Are we as a nation so cold hearted that we will stand by when the DWP henchmen start to roundup the poor, old and the sick or disabled and incarcerate them in work camps for the good of “Hard working economically active family’s” , because that’s what we are doing now as we walk blindfolded towards the ultimate solution. Remember, the latest buzz word from our leader “work is good for you” .

I am old enough to remember the stories that the oppressed Europeans told about the concentration camps. Will you do anything to stop the same or worse happening in YOUR country, yes you will because while there is the tiniest spark of humanity in this country that will start a raging inferno that will consume this evil that is the unelected coalition government there is hope. Its up “to you to do the right thing” to quote a saying from the pretender that lives in number ten.

I live in hope as hope is all that I have to give at present, but I will fight when called not for my Country but for the people that my once beloved Country is oppressing on the alter of greed.

Tommaz Jay
Once proud, but now terrified to be a member of a society wallowing in its own putrid shit.

We Were Once Prude To Be British, Now We Just Dont Care.

What is happening to this once proud nation that seems now not to care at all about our fellow human beings? Is it that the our tory task masters in the unelected assembly at the dysphonia inflicted Westminster palace of broken promises, deception, greed and purveyors of abject misery have lost all sense of the reality that living in today’s society brings?

Is it because they as the self-proclaimed born to rule class are so self-centred that like an illness power has become so intoxicating it has damaged any semblance of humanitarian goodness?

They seem to have corrupted a once proud to civil service, most likely by fearfulness of losing their own employment. They have further corrupted the right wing press, if that would be at all possible who have now become their puppet propaganda machinery

But most importantly they have corrupted the ordinary citizens of our once proud nation by indoctrination into evils of eugenics and the social engineering. This is the path that will ultimately lead the way to a society so bereft of feelings towards any one of numerous so called undeserving including sick, disable, unemployed, poor and very, very soon the elderly.

The resulting rotten core that these self-serving maggots have infested will continue to eat away at our society as surely as night follows day until the day dawns that results in enlightenment of all ordinary men and women. When this happens the result will not be to put citizen against citizen, father against son, fellow brother against brother but a reconciliation that will put the blame squally where it belongs, upon the wretched twisted shoulders of the corrupters not the corrupted.

This has happened time and time again thought-out our nations proud history, but this time I do believe that the day of the morally corrupt politicians are numbered. As is the elitist inbred part of society who have a belief in only themselves as the see others as lacking and undeserving of what they have and would rather die than to give up. You can only pity the poor creatures they have become, belonging to an endangered species can’t be much fun when money can’t buy you a future anymore as it belong to a bygone era. Ask any Dodo.

Tommaz Jay,
Afraid for all of our futures, but hopeful because of our proud past

The cold facts of energy consumption

I recently became a proud user of a renewable energy vehicle. Ok let’s call it an electric car better known as a Leaf and I have the use of it through my son’s employment. Now you may be thinking this is going to be a party political typecast for the tree hugging/green/blue/red/yellow party, not at all, please read on.

As a consequence of having the electric vehicle some changes to my household electrical equipment needed to be carried out. Nothing to radical just a way of getting the electricity into the car, fuses, cable etc. Also as I had agreed to provide some feedback to the dealer and National Power Grid on charging patterns, usage etc. a couple of new meters was installed as well.

The installer’s fitted two smart meters to monitor the aforementioned. Now being inquisitive by nature I googled smart meter and gained a wealth of information on the inner workings of my new addition to the household. The meter(s) can in addition to monitoring the amount of electricity I am using can also tell when I use it. Well that’s not much of task for a smart meter I hear you say and you would be right! My shiny new educated meter can also communicate with the outside world and tell the electricity suppliers all this as well. This intelligent newbie knows when it is under attack from the nefarious and included in its advertising blurb is a list of possible attack methods. This includes bashing it with a blunt instrument, laser beaming it (I kid you not) radio waves and ripping it from the wall and chucking it down the garden path and will cry for help (remotely, it’s got a backup battery so no joy there) if you try any of these methods.

Let’s look at what else it can do. It can be told to set a rate for the amount of electricity used (tariff) remotely and vary this as and when it’s told to do. The suppliers call this:

Innovative new tariffs and personalised plans individually tailored to fit your lifestyle and energy consumption.

Wow all this from a tiny box of electrical tricks. It can also bill on a second by second basis and debit a bank account through software, again second by second. Using information stored in its memory it can analyse and decide that the consumer is using more than their fair share of electricity and set a punitive rate for the supply in the hope of you reducing your consumption.

But the most insidious part of this super meter is what’s called its ancillary relays. With these the meter can decide or when told to disconnect the consumer from the electricity supply completely or just switch off all of your sockets leaving only the lighting circuits activated, again remotely. No money to pay your bill, no problem off you goes at a touch of a remote computer button whether you’re a millionaire or a poor shivering pensioner. The plan is for these smart meters are to have them installed in every home starting in 2015.

So what my point?

Well besides the so call reduction of Carbon gasses the ability to control, how and when you consume electricity will be taken away from us and be at the sole discretion of the energy companies. Power shortages in different parts of the country will be rectified by shutting down or restricting consumption in other parts of the country. For example the affluent Southeast is short of electricity, just shut down parts of the improvised North; they can always put on an extra jumper from the charity shop on the way to the food bank.

Can’t pay your bill, shut you down without warning or regard to the consequences that it will have for the old, disabled or freezing families with children.
The final kick in the teeth from the “Big Six”. You pay for this technology second by second while the shareholders get rich from our finite resources of gas in the North Sea.

About personal madness

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you”
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls”
And whispered in the sounds of silence

Whats in a name (Fuck all in ATOS eyes)

What the fuck is an Approved disability analyst? Are the DWP and their ATOS lackeys trying to re-write the dictionary or are they now training the cleaner to do the assessments (No disrespect to anyone who is a cleaner)

 All they need it know is what your GP thinks about your disability and ability. For fuck sake they spent up to eight years to get to where they are now give them the respect they disserve. They say that doctors and consultant specialists are swayed by their patients, are they saying that GP’ are morons without the ability to think for themselves. Believe it or not 99.9% actually care about their patients and are passionate about the work they do. The other 1% are the bastards who work for ATOs.

The decision Makers know all this but are shit scared of losing their job because of missed targets. Up to 80% successful appeals backs this up. They now feel that they have to rubber stamp any shit that ATO sends to them. An internal review even backs this up.

I do and always have, believe that this country has a hidden eugenics agenda regarding any one who is “disabled workless or is economically inactive” (What a load of Cameron spin shit) why not just say “Crippled and skint”.  Do they want to encourage them to “Do the Right Thing” and fuck off and die. This twisted idealised mentality will most certainly come back and bite them on their will fucked public schoolboy arses.

Never mind I am sure ATOS will help them to provide the “Final solution” after reading “Mine Camf”, that is if they can find any Approved disability analyst with enough brain cells to read it.


Tomaz. Jay

A Fully, fucked up paid up member of the Land of Hope and Glory.  

Dont Joke About It

My brother, who has been in protracted negotiations (Begging for benefits that are rightly his by law), had a conversation with the DWP. He tried without success to get the so called decision maker to look at medical evidence of his disability. Getting nowhere and at considerable expense on their premium rate 0845 number he said and I quote, We are getting nowhere with this conversation, you don’t or won’t see my point of view so we need to end this (The conversation) now goodbye”.

Within ten minutes three of our best in blue turned up on his estate with helicopter, full riot gear and ambulance support looking for him. His crime, he had worried the decision maker who thought that he may have been going to hurt himself (as if that wasn’t government ideological policy any way!).

As the plods pissed themselves laughing on the way out after a cup of tea and a few chocolate Hobnob biscuits, the estate returned to its usual serene self, safe in the knowledge and at quite an expense to the tax payer that all was well. The tax payer who was just about to get up throw back the curtains and start the journey to work, trudging through the snow to his nightshift part time job without a contract on minimum wage, felt all warm and fuzzy inside because he was striving to keep his 2.5 children from a life of crime while struggling paying off his mortgage and the arrears on his payday loan.

Tommaz Jay

A fully paid up member of this land of the free wallowing in its own putrid shit run by an elite of infantile nobody’s.

Learning From The past

I Remember another organisation saying that they weren’t responsible for the deaths and were only carrying out orders;
cant for the life of me think who it was now. think it had a couple of SS’es in its name.

Call Me Sceptical


Call me sceptical but could it be that the new PIP form will not be available in electronic (Word or PDF) format because you can go into more detail about your problems when typing the answers than using handwriting.
Another ploy to claim the denial of benefit was for lack of written evidence ?

Will We Ever learn From Past Mistakes ?

Here we are again walking headlong into another social disaster that is PIP, before the graves of those who fell to the last experiment, ESA have had a chance to grow cold.

I don’t wish to negate the terrible loss of life that this unelected, unmandated and despot government is responsible for so far. Beside theses fallen heroes are an equal if not a sadder statistic that is the number who have tried unsuccessful to end their lives. I speak from experience.

I cannot understand why our so-called rulers hate the very people they purport to represent or what the ill and disabled have done or not, to deserve yet another chance of doing “The right thing” The pretender living in number ten’s words not mine.

I make no apology for re posting yet again my comments of my own experiences of ESA and Atos exterminatiers , who to a man are aided by our fellow citizens at The DWP. I also make no apology for dragging a once proud civil service into the debate because the Cry of we are only doing our job has recently sounded

After taking twenty-seven of the thirty days allowed to fill in my ESA50 and agonised over every word, syllable, full stop, comma and dash that took over my whole existence for the twenty-seven days and nights the form was sent off to ATOS the purveyors of death, despondency and utter total misery.

I won’t go into the details of my disability save to say that it precludes any type of work on the ground that I am a danger to myself because of long recent mental illnesses.

The day that the death warrant arrived from ATOS I read the letter once, then again and again, again, again not comprehending why they were accusing me of lying, skiving, scumbag not worth of help from a benefit that I had played into for over forty years.

With my brain boiling inside I took the only course of action open to my torched mind and took every medication that I had.

Three days and two cardiac arrests latter I woke to a feeling of utter shame and despondence not for the hurt I had inflicted on my family, but for the fact that I had failed in my attempt to end the torment that the whole process was and still is inflicted upon me. I am after a paper reconsideration in the support group with little or up to now no contact with the DWP.

You would think that I should be grateful for my miserly £105 a week that I traded for £85,000 a year. I still wake every morning angry that I have not died in my sleep. I wish that I could die every waking moments and why. The truth is that the whole system has let me down badly. I feel attract at every turn of a right-wing newspaper or television newscast. Sensible friends and relatives make assumptions about my ability to work the most recent from my own son that as I can type then I should be capable of working in a call center or helping older people at B & Q.

The one thing the governmental propaganda machine has done and is still doing well is the brain washing of the public at large. demonizing would be a more apt word for it as we see young people, the ill and disabled and now the old having their futures sacrificed on the governments altar of pure dogmatic ideological greed.

Forgive me if you think I am wrong or for the rambling’s of a sick burned out old man with nothing more to bring to the table

Tommaz Jay Frightened, very frightened for all of our futures