Watch Out There’s A Benifit Claiment About

by tommaz jay

Here we go again. Let’s attack the feckless unemployed. The sick, lame and lazy.

 Don’t forget the Mentalists, the Nutters and the Freaks, Feeble Minded and the Morally Deviant Single Mother.

Let’s attack anyone but the people who got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s resume the demonization of the weakest in this wonderland of political utopia. Let’s get one figure higher that will make a difference. Let’s make suicide a viable alternative. Now that will make a difference and cost us “nothing governor”. Now that’s a real return to true core conservative values.

We have squeezed them until the pips squeak, what next ?, “oh yes we have a solution it’s tried tested and really works, been around for as long as anyone can remember and will be all that is required and be true to our true blue political ideology”,

Now we need a name, what about the DWP solutions. No sound too much like a government department. What about “mortem sibi conscivit solution” a nice Latin word that the sniveling upper class will understand, maybe, well maybe not. What about words that the ones who were being “Jolly well Rodgerd by the prefects” and missed Latin at Eaton. Well ok I’ve got it, silly me it has had a name all along, great lets go with  this.


Of Couse it will be acceptable the shorten it to “THE FINAL SOLUTION” to save paper and for the nice boys from Eaton to remember.

Now that sounds like a spiffing idea, don’t ya’r know!

I like many others because of mental and physical illnesses and the constant bullying from the “snouts in the trough inbred ruling political classes” have nothing more to give and are at the end of our metaphorical ropes.
Many like myself despite overwhelming evidence from  doctor’s reports and other medical professional opinions are routinely dismissed as if they were liars, cheats, scroungers, work shy, criminals, malingers , need I go on any further, you get the picture painted by the two twats at the Department of Benefit Denial. (DBD)

It is the not being believed that is the worst pain imaginable to any one who has the misfortune to dragged through “the system” . As we try as best we can to explain our illness, but it soon becomes apparent that whatever evidence is produced the final outcome has already been decided by monetary  policy, Denial is now the norm alongside a total lack of compassion. At every turn of a news page we are pilloried by a press and government who are in terminal moral panic and decline. We are now, as one of the many groups suffering from the backlash of hate stirred up by the tmain protagonists, are afraid and see death as our only viable alternative.

It only takes one letter or phone call from the DWP or comment from press or government indoctrinated individuals to push us over the ultimate cliff. Believe me I have been there myself on many occasions and only by my own ineptitude am able to write this now.
I was one told by a professional that to commit suicide was my choice if I thought it was the right thing to do and no one could stop me. Is doing the right thing what this eugenic led government want us to do for the good of the “Hard working tax paying families who get up early and trudge through the snow to get to work on a minimum wage zero hours contract”?

If we don’t or can’t do the right thing will the government ultimately assist us? If we won’t do the right thing what then, will we see our own final solution implemented?
We now have forced labour for the sick and disable via the insidious workfare by any other name. Denial of benefit using sanctions and Civil Penalty Notices without the right of hearing and applied by a decision maker on the flimsiest and pettiest of transgressions.

We had until the late seventy’s Government Training Centers that by compulsory attendance under threat of denial of benefit, housing and removal of children into care forced the indoctrination of the unemployed into the so called ethics of work and hard labour.
So as we now have the right mood in our country for the have and have not’s, the skivers against the strives, the ill versus able-bodied and the idle rich against the plebs. If we have the forced labour and the training camps is ultimately the final solution not that far away.


Tommaz Jay

Ashamed and frightened to be a member of the society that once cared and now wallows in its own putrid shit.

Please Google the word sociopaths. It fits IDS and CaMoron like a glove