The Real War

by tommaz jay

The story of how we lost the Tory war against the underclasses and the undeserving poor has just entered into its latest chapter. Pensioners who were sacrosanct in most civilised countries save for the most evil despot governments are now to be the next tory collateral damage. I wrote a while back that in the sixties through to the seventy’s we had centres that long term unemployed and long-term sick were forced to attend by threat of removal benefit, housing and the ultimate bayonet through the gut; your children being taken forceful from you when your home was repossessed. Theses places were called Government Training Centres and in some but not all had accommodation that was spartan and resembled wooden barracks.

These centres were usually ex military centres miles from any civilisation and the unemployed were forced to undergo training usually on roadwork’s projects. These poor people (men without exception) were indoctrinated into the work hard work ethic. You can now see why I call this “How we lost the war on the underclasses and the undeserving poor”. This is war, and a war that the poorest, oldest and the ill and disabled are dying for in the name of.

How much longer will we stand by and allow this, that used to be the most civilised country in the world to murder innocent people in the name of monetary policies. Are we as a nation so cold hearted that we will stand by when the DWP henchmen start to roundup the poor, old and the sick or disabled and incarcerate them in work camps for the good of “Hard working economically active family’s” , because that’s what we are doing now as we walk blindfolded towards the ultimate solution. Remember, the latest buzz word from our leader “work is good for you” .

I am old enough to remember the stories that the oppressed Europeans told about the concentration camps. Will you do anything to stop the same or worse happening in YOUR country, yes you will because while there is the tiniest spark of humanity in this country that will start a raging inferno that will consume this evil that is the unelected coalition government there is hope. Its up “to you to do the right thing” to quote a saying from the pretender that lives in number ten.

I live in hope as hope is all that I have to give at present, but I will fight when called not for my Country but for the people that my once beloved Country is oppressing on the alter of greed.

Tommaz Jay
Once proud, but now terrified to be a member of a society wallowing in its own putrid shit.