We Were Once Prude To Be British, Now We Just Dont Care.

by tommaz jay

What is happening to this once proud nation that seems now not to care at all about our fellow human beings? Is it that the our tory task masters in the unelected assembly at the dysphonia inflicted Westminster palace of broken promises, deception, greed and purveyors of abject misery have lost all sense of the reality that living in today’s society brings?

Is it because they as the self-proclaimed born to rule class are so self-centred that like an illness power has become so intoxicating it has damaged any semblance of humanitarian goodness?

They seem to have corrupted a once proud to civil service, most likely by fearfulness of losing their own employment. They have further corrupted the right wing press, if that would be at all possible who have now become their puppet propaganda machinery

But most importantly they have corrupted the ordinary citizens of our once proud nation by indoctrination into evils of eugenics and the social engineering. This is the path that will ultimately lead the way to a society so bereft of feelings towards any one of numerous so called undeserving including sick, disable, unemployed, poor and very, very soon the elderly.

The resulting rotten core that these self-serving maggots have infested will continue to eat away at our society as surely as night follows day until the day dawns that results in enlightenment of all ordinary men and women. When this happens the result will not be to put citizen against citizen, father against son, fellow brother against brother but a reconciliation that will put the blame squally where it belongs, upon the wretched twisted shoulders of the corrupters not the corrupted.

This has happened time and time again thought-out our nations proud history, but this time I do believe that the day of the morally corrupt politicians are numbered. As is the elitist inbred part of society who have a belief in only themselves as the see others as lacking and undeserving of what they have and would rather die than to give up. You can only pity the poor creatures they have become, belonging to an endangered species can’t be much fun when money can’t buy you a future anymore as it belong to a bygone era. Ask any Dodo.

Tommaz Jay,
Afraid for all of our futures, but hopeful because of our proud past