Whats in a name (Fuck all in ATOS eyes)

by tommaz jay

What the fuck is an Approved disability analyst? Are the DWP and their ATOS lackeys trying to re-write the dictionary or are they now training the cleaner to do the assessments (No disrespect to anyone who is a cleaner)

 All they need it know is what your GP thinks about your disability and ability. For fuck sake they spent up to eight years to get to where they are now give them the respect they disserve. They say that doctors and consultant specialists are swayed by their patients, are they saying that GP’ are morons without the ability to think for themselves. Believe it or not 99.9% actually care about their patients and are passionate about the work they do. The other 1% are the bastards who work for ATOs.

The decision Makers know all this but are shit scared of losing their job because of missed targets. Up to 80% successful appeals backs this up. They now feel that they have to rubber stamp any shit that ATO sends to them. An internal review even backs this up.

I do and always have, believe that this country has a hidden eugenics agenda regarding any one who is “disabled workless or is economically inactive” (What a load of Cameron spin shit) why not just say “Crippled and skint”.  Do they want to encourage them to “Do the Right Thing” and fuck off and die. This twisted idealised mentality will most certainly come back and bite them on their will fucked public schoolboy arses.

Never mind I am sure ATOS will help them to provide the “Final solution” after reading “Mine Camf”, that is if they can find any Approved disability analyst with enough brain cells to read it.


Tomaz. Jay

A Fully, fucked up paid up member of the Land of Hope and Glory.