Will We Ever learn From Past Mistakes ?

by tommaz jay

Here we are again walking headlong into another social disaster that is PIP, before the graves of those who fell to the last experiment, ESA have had a chance to grow cold.

I don’t wish to negate the terrible loss of life that this unelected, unmandated and despot government is responsible for so far. Beside theses fallen heroes are an equal if not a sadder statistic that is the number who have tried unsuccessful to end their lives. I speak from experience.

I cannot understand why our so-called rulers hate the very people they purport to represent or what the ill and disabled have done or not, to deserve yet another chance of doing “The right thing” The pretender living in number ten’s words not mine.

I make no apology for re posting yet again my comments of my own experiences of ESA and Atos exterminatiers , who to a man are aided by our fellow citizens at The DWP. I also make no apology for dragging a once proud civil service into the debate because the Cry of we are only doing our job has recently sounded

After taking twenty-seven of the thirty days allowed to fill in my ESA50 and agonised over every word, syllable, full stop, comma and dash that took over my whole existence for the twenty-seven days and nights the form was sent off to ATOS the purveyors of death, despondency and utter total misery.

I won’t go into the details of my disability save to say that it precludes any type of work on the ground that I am a danger to myself because of long recent mental illnesses.

The day that the death warrant arrived from ATOS I read the letter once, then again and again, again, again not comprehending why they were accusing me of lying, skiving, scumbag not worth of help from a benefit that I had played into for over forty years.

With my brain boiling inside I took the only course of action open to my torched mind and took every medication that I had.

Three days and two cardiac arrests latter I woke to a feeling of utter shame and despondence not for the hurt I had inflicted on my family, but for the fact that I had failed in my attempt to end the torment that the whole process was and still is inflicted upon me. I am after a paper reconsideration in the support group with little or up to now no contact with the DWP.

You would think that I should be grateful for my miserly £105 a week that I traded for £85,000 a year. I still wake every morning angry that I have not died in my sleep. I wish that I could die every waking moments and why. The truth is that the whole system has let me down badly. I feel attract at every turn of a right-wing newspaper or television newscast. Sensible friends and relatives make assumptions about my ability to work the most recent from my own son that as I can type then I should be capable of working in a call center or helping older people at B & Q.

The one thing the governmental propaganda machine has done and is still doing well is the brain washing of the public at large. demonizing would be a more apt word for it as we see young people, the ill and disabled and now the old having their futures sacrificed on the governments altar of pure dogmatic ideological greed.

Forgive me if you think I am wrong or for the rambling’s of a sick burned out old man with nothing more to bring to the table

Tommaz Jay Frightened, very frightened for all of our futures