About Tommaz Jay

Worked in Shipbuilding heavy engineering till Lady T came up north shot it stone dead. Did a short stint languishing on other people (who get up at the crack of dawn and trudge through the snow to get to their part time zero hours contract on minimum wage) hard worked for tax’s ( You can see witch way my flag fly’s ) Got cushy job with the local council with a gold plated pension ( all it entailed was getting up at the crack of dawn to do a 2 hours overtime if freezing weather and then working in for 12 hours a day six days a week to make enough money to scrape by on as well as feeding three kids) Then she did the same thing again to the councils. Started my own business, lost it all to ignorance, betrayal, mental illness, and greedy bankers. Got some real education, which was denied to me because of my (Proud to be)working class roots as a kid. Did what I wanted to do studied Radio and Television Production and music to degree level. Now make documentary films about ordinary people with extraordinary tails to tell as an independent producer. I also teach pensioners to hold their camera the right way round at a video club ( Ok I lied about them all being pensioners)
desolated wasteland of the Frozen North
Any thing remotely interesting
Free At Last (Work set me free)