I am What I Am And Thats All I Ever Can Be

CV/Biography/Job application/payday loan/Begging letter/ last will & Testament (Delete as applicable)

Worked in Shipbuilding, Heavy engineering untill Lady Thatcher came up north and shot it stone dead. Did a short stint languishing on other people’s (who get up at the crack of dawn and trudge through the snow to get to their part-time zero hours contract on minimum wage) hard-workeds)

just a thought people said you could not get a job as the unemployment figures stood at 250,000 (1973) that’s right ¼ of a million. Cameron would kill for a figure like that today.

Got cushy job with the local council with a gold-plated pension (Not) all it entailed was getting up at the crack of dawn to do an hours overtime in freezing weather and then working for 12 hours a day six days a week to make enough money to scrape by on. Then send me to Eaton,make me a prefect and fuck me silly, Thatcher did the same fucking thing again to the councils.

Started my own business and lost the lot to betrayal, ill-health, deceit, madness, anger and greedy fucking bankers (Feel free to put them in any order you please).

Fuck up by the system that bled me dry and the spewed me out, decided to get my own back and got some real education which was denied to me because of my working class roots as a kid. So now have a huge student loan that will never be paid back (And never will be as long as I draw breath) and have enjoyed spending every single penny of it.

Did what I wanted to do all a long and studied Radio and Television Production to degree level. Now (Still fucked up, but a little less mad) I make documentary films, just for the hell of it about ordinary people with extraordinary tales to tell as an independent producer. I also teach pensioners to hold their camera the right way round at a video club (Ok I lied about them all being pensioners)

I now languish in the Desolated Wastelands of the Frozen East North of England where politicians, fairness and hope fear to tread.

What next

I am planning to seek nationality when Scotland gets independence by virtue of the fact that my so-called father is a jock. Believe me the land of the brave and the free  will overcome some day as the song goes and rid  themselves  of this corrupt (as of 2013) unelected, and morally bankrupt government.

Anything remotely interesting or worthy of examination. Looking for fairness in a corrupt political system

Are you taking the piss? (Please read above) Free At Last, Work set me free but the government still in theory has me under their thumb (or they like to think so)

Contact me

Only if your ether Desperate/lonely (but with loads of cash)/Not connected to DWP/ Government departments’ (Delete as applicable)

Now the small print.

I the before noon mentioned being of sound mind and having a certificate to prove this (I think that’s what certified means or at least that what my doctor in the mental health unit told me) forgo any rights or lefts for that matter to any reasonable chance of gaining employment/Payday loan/Bus pass/Heating Allowance. Glass eyes (Left or right) WCA/ESA/PIP/DLA/AA/RAC or any other fucking hard worked for benefit of any kind (While the unelected ConDemns are not in power)

I also claim the right to a fair Work Capability Assessment/Personal Independence Payment/Old Age Pension/Blue Badge/ Treatment from the Corporation formally known as the NHS and respect from anyone working for any Government Department or the DWP.

If I am a survivor of a national  disaster(or not the last man on earth) on no account wish to be visited by any politician/ HRH The Queen/Duke of Edinburgh/Prince Charles/Princes William/ Harry (Hewitt) or princes of Cornwall ( I might make an exception for her sister Pippa because she is only princes in-law) or the grim reapers agent  ATOS. I reserve the right to have the final word.